Luggie or Overlander?

Which should I buy?

Which electric wheelchair should I buy - the Luggie, or the Overlander?

That depends on what you want to do:

  • The Luggie is for indoors and footpaths, shops, etc.
  • The Overlander is a four wheel drive wheelchair for outdoors, the beach and the bush, etc. It can go almost anywhere.
  • The Luggie is small and compact, so it will fit in small spaces. Can still take a large person, though!
  • The Overlander is big and wide so it is stable on rough ground.
  • The Luggie folds into a very compact form that you can easily take anywhere.
  • The Overlander is a big four wheel drive wheelchair and needs a van or a trailer to take it places.
  • The Luggie is compact but strong. Up to 138 kilos.
  • The Overlander is just big and strong. Up to 159 kilos.
  • The Luggie is a really well built and very portable.
  • The Overlander's engineering and build quality can only be described as superb.

So, if you need a small electric portable wheelchair on firm surfaces, then the Luggie is for you. But if you want to go adventuring into the great outdoors, there is nothing in the world that will match the Overlander.