Why buy a Luggie?


The Luggie buggy - mobility and portability!

The Luggie - Mobility and Portability!

If you can take it with you then it is useful everywhere.

The Luggie is a brilliantly designed and manufactured mobility scooter that gives you the freedom to move! Use it at home. Take it with you. Use it in town. On the other side of the world. The Luggie is strong, reliable and portable. Ideal for you.

  • Excellent design and construction. Strong and reliable.
  • Comfortable and sturdy seat.
  • Portable. Folds in two stages so you can take it with you. Even in small cars.
  • Compact. It will take you into small spaces. In your home or in your office.
  • Will fit into the aisle of an airliner.
  • Accepted by airlines.
  • All forms of public transport. Buses, trains, ferries, airlines.
  • Just ideal for taking on cruise ships!.
  • Steering can be lowered so you can sit comfortably at a table. Great in restaurants.
  • Goes easily into shops, supermarkets and restaurants.
  • Unobtrusive. Compact. The Luggie doesn't take up a lot of space.
  • Can take larger persons with ease. Up to 163 kg for the Super model.
  • Can handle going up and down slopes. Access ramps are no problem.

The Luggie is a cool, well designed bit of gear. But is it for you? Why not talk to us about it? Contact us, or call us on 03 52 4444 88

Luggie Buggy can mail your Luggie anywhere in Australia!

Watch a video on how you unpack and prepare your Luggie for use. It also shows how to load the Luggie into your car.

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