Overlanders in action

Along the walking track to Lake Elizabeth, in the Otway Ranges, Victoria, Australia

Ian on the farm trialling the Overlander, Victoria, Australia. For the first time in years Ian has been able to get out to his cows again.
Cassie takes the Overlander 4ZX for a spin at Apex Beach, Mildura, Victoria.
The Overlander can climb, capable does not begin to describe it.
Nature calls, the Overlander answers.
Bunda Cliffs, the Great Australian Bight, South Australia, 100 kilometers east of the West Australian border. The Overlander rode for miles along the cliff top.
Along the railway line at Telegraph Point, near Port Macquarie, NSW. Granite ballast is normally quite hard to walk on, but the Overlander handles it with ease.

The adventures that are capable with the Terrain Hopper Overlander prove it to be a vehicle to take you the places you dream of. No longer do your physical difficulties limit you from exploring, nor sideline you from joining friends and family.