OverlanderMobility's demonstrator Overlander 4Z is sold


OverlanderMobility's demonstrator Overlander 4Z is sold.

Our 4Z is top of the range, with everything! Or nearly everything.

  • Dual controls. Both manual handlebar steering, and joystick power steering. Can be switched over in seconds. Power steering has been upgraded. Power steering controls can be mounted either side.
  • Extended chassis, so well suited to either tall or less tall people. Weight capacity is 159 kg, so a bigger person is easily accommodated.
  • Dual lithium batteries, giving maximum range and responsiveness.
  • Waterproofed motors and battery box, so wading through a creek at the beach is no problem.
  • Roll bar opens both sides, giving easy access from either side. Transfer from a wheelchair is straightforward.
  • Front and rear separate electrical systems, so can be switched to either two wheel drive or four wheel drive.

The Overlander 4Z is an amazingly capable machine that will set you free to explore places you could not have dreamed of, if you have a walking limitation. The beach, the bush, the national parks...it all becomes available to you again. Just look at the photos below to get an idea of what sorts of things you can do.

Available for immediate delivery. There is a three month waiting period for a new one, plus delivery time. This one is available now.

Replacement value, all up, is about $41 750. Save more than $10 000 on new price! $30 500.

Delivery to anywhere in Australia can be arranged.

Please contact Willem on 0433 122 798 for more info.

The Overlander 4Z on its trailer. Land Rover Discovery not included! The loading ramps are mounted either side. They are easy to set up and use.

The Overlander 4Z on the beach at Anglesea, Victoria. It gives you freedom to roam for miles along the beach, and stop and explore all along the way.

Climbing the rim of the Last Volcano, at Tower Hill, just west of Warrnambool in Victoria:

The slope up to the rim of the Last Volcano was no match for the Overlander. The Overlander can go up 35 degree slopes, so this was easy.

On the beach at Parker River, Cape Otway, Victoria. Beautiful spot, but quite challenging to get to.

On the beach at Parker River, Cape Otway, Victoria. Once we were on the beach, we explored over quite a long distance.

At Parker River. Quite a way up the beach a small creek provided a path from the beach. We went as far as we could, then walked the hundred metres or so to a secluded waterfall.

Coming down the steps to the beach at Parker River. This was quite challenging as it is a long path with many steps, and is quite steep in places. All good, though!

Please contact Willem on 0433 122 798 for more info.