Overlander 4ZS

A brand new Overlander 4ZS true off road wheelchair / mobility scooter by Terrain Hopper, ready for delivery. Note the monster tyres, making it ideal for on the beach use. This one is intended for on the beach work, so it is ideally set up.

The Overlander 4ZS is suitable for all users, but especially for those who are tall and whose weight is over 95 kg and below 159 kg.

The Overlander is available to experience now. Ring — 0433 122 798 — to make an appointment.

For the first time in years Ian has been able to get out to his cows again!

Ian on the farm trialling the Overlander, Victoria, Australia

Main features:

  • Independent suspension system.
  • Adjustable steering
  • Choice of manual or joystick steering, or both.
  • Front & Rear Lights / Indicators
  • Mirrors
  • Lap belt
  • Side Roll Bar – A really handy feature which gives protection. The roll bar lifts up on either the left or right hand side for easy access with an option available to have both sides lift.
  • Adjustable seat forward and backwards.
  • An optional side access seat is available if required.
  • An aluminum overhead roll bar.

Overlander 4ZX / 4ZS is a Class 3 medical product.
For more info contact Overlander Mobility.

Standard Items include:

  • 2 x 12V 120 Ah lithium batteries for a 24 volt system.
  • Speed 10 kph,
  • Choice of six standard colours
    • Red
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Lime Green
    • Kawasaki Green
    • Orange
    • Gloss Black
  • All round suspension
  • Side roll bar to open either left or right hand side
  • Mirrors
  • Exmoor Trim seat
  • Lap belt
  • 4 x 750 watts of peak rate power motors
  • LED Front lights
  • LED Rear lights
  • Indicators
  • Manual steering
  • Choice of smooth or knobbly tyres
  • Security key