Chassis, Motors, Wheels.

  • Waterproofed motors and battery box
  • Extend Chassis Length from 1675 mm to 1825 mm
  • Monster Wheels (need extended chassis version)
  • Mudguards for Standard Wheels – 4 in set
  • Mudguards for Monster Wheels – 4 in set
  • Tow Hitch Receiver
  • Removable Rear Platform – includes Tow Hitch Receiver

Other options

  • Wind Screen
  • Adjustable Foot rest plate
  • Articulated Cup Holder
  • Givi Box and rear bracket – Removable and Lockable
  • Remote Stop Control
  • Attendant Control – Joystick or Dual Steering

Roll Bars

  • Option for roll bar to open on both sides
  • Child Overhead Roll Bar
  • Adult Overhead Roll Bar

Seats and Harnesses

  • Manual swivel seat (need option for roll bar to open both sides)
  • Tillet Racing car seat W1i GRP includes fitting
  • Tillet Racing car seat B6F GRP includes fitting
  • 4 Point Harness
  • 5 Point Harness

Brakes, Winch

  • All round hydraulic brakes Overlander 4ZS / 4ZX
  • WARN RT15 winch and lithium battery, charger plus fitting

Batteries and Chargers

  • Option 1 Lithium Batteries (2 x 12V 100AH = 24V 100AH)
  • Option 2 Lithium Batteries (4 x 12V 100AH = 24V 200AH)
  • Lithium Battery Smart Charger

No Cost Options

  • Colours: Choice of Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Gloss Black
  • Tyres: Knobbly Off Road, Standard Road